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Frequently Asked Questions



How much is a membership?

    • A 1-year membership plus four class credits is $99

Note that the $99 membership gets your per-credit price to $24.75.

Also note that 2-hour class "session" costs one creditSo for example, our "Using Facebook" class which is two-sessions would cost two class credits.

Here are some other membership facts:

      • With all memberships, when your included credits are used up, each HANDS-ON class session (credit) is just $26.
      • PLUS... your class credits NEVER expire. Even if your membership expires, your credits can still be used for classes.
      • You can retake any class for 1/2 price (either $13 for regular classes or $12 for non-hands-on classes).
      • Classes that are NOT hands-on with the computer (called Workshops) are all priced at only $24 per session.
        Those classes include...

-- Staying Safe on the Internet
-- Using Your iPad & iPhone
-- iPad & iPhone Workshops
-- Using Your Digital Camera
-- Using Your Smart TV & YouTube



How do I find a class schedule?

The latest schedule of classes is always available on our web site, DiscoverSkills.  Just mouse-over the "Lincoln Classes" button at the top and choose "Class Schedule" from the options.

If you'd like to see the schedule right now, CLICK HERE to visit the schedule page.



How do I register for classes?

There are 4 ways you can register for classes...

-- Call the CEC Lab at 402.328.2202 (Lincoln) and leave a message that includes your full name, phone number, and the class(es) you'd like to take

-- Email John at jlortz@discoverskills.com with the name(s) of the classes you want to take

-- Visit the Online Class Registration page on the DiscoverSkills site (CLICK HERE to go there now)

-- Stop by the Computer Lab at AgeWell and fill out the class registration form found on the back table, and leave the form on the front desk.



How much do classes cost for members?

With your Computer Education Membership, you get special discount.  Class credits are only $26 each.(non-members pay $47 for each credit).

Each 2-hour class "session" costs one creditSo for example, our "Using Facebook" class which is two-sessions would cost two class credits.

And note that classes that are NOT hands-on with the computer all all priced at only $24 per session.  Those classes include...

-- Getting Started with Windows 8
-- Using Your iPad & iPhone
-- iPad & iPhone Workshops
-- Using Your Digital Camera

Finally, you can retake any class for 1/2 price (either $13 for regular classes or $12 for non-hands-on classes).

Also note that some members choose to purchase another "membership" when their original membership credits have been used up. This allows them to get the lower credit rate ($120 for five credits, $230 for ten credits).



What is the least expensive way to take classes?

When you purchase a $99 Membership, you are basically pre-paying for classes. Even if you already have a membership, you can purchase "another membership" to get the lesser credit rate.

    • $99 membership gives you 4 credits (making the effective cost $24.75 per credit)




How Long are Classes?

During our 17 years of teaching senior technology classes, we discovered that two-hour class sessions worked best for most students.

For this reason, all of our classes are two-hours in length, with a short break half-way through.

Also note that depending on the subject, a class might consist of one, two, or even three sessions, a week apart.

For example, our Using Your Digital Camera class consists of three, 2-hour sessions a week apart from each other.



When do I pay for classes?

You pay for a class at the computer lab when you attend the class.

If for some reason you are unable to attend a class you have registered to take, you are NOT charged for that class.

You can pay using by either using a class credit, a check (made out to "Immanuel") or cash.

We do NOT accept credit cards.



Where are your classes held?

All of our classes are held at the AgeWell Computer Education Center at The Landing. The address is 3500 Faulkner Drive, Lincoln, NE  68516.

The lab is located on the lower level, as part of the AgeWell Fitness Center.

The best place park is to the north of The Landing, in the lower parking lot.

CLICK HERE to visit a page that maps out where we are located.



What is the Thursday Open Lab?

As one of your member benefits, we offer a weekly FREE Open Lab session where a technology staff member is available to answer questions and give you one-on-one help with technology problems.

The Open Lab is every Thursday morning, from 10 AM to noon, and is first-come first-serve.

Note that the Open Lab is NOT available on holidays.



Do you have any other learning materials?

Yes we do!  Besides our technology classes, for many of classes we also have supplemental books to support what we teach.

You can see copies of our latest books on the front table in the computer lab.

The books are for sale, and cost between $10 and $25 each.

To purchase a book, you can visit our online catalog (available in August, 2014) at catalog.discoverskills.com.



Can I Re-Take Classes?

Because we often cover a lot of information in our classes, it's not at all unusual for students to re-take classes a second or even third time.

Knowing that retaking a class can be a great benefit, we allow members to re-take classes for 1/2 price.

This means the normal $26 class credit is just $13, and the workshop $24 class credit is just $12.

To Get More Information

  • CALL: 402.328.2202 - leave your name and phone number
  • EMAIL: jlortz@discoverskills.com